What is product traceability?

It is the ability to trace back a product to its source/point of origin. A traceability system refers to complete solution, including software application and physical mapping on ground. To know more:


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Why traceability?

  • To gain visibility of goods in transit across supply chain partners

An effective traceability system enables end-to-end visibility from manufacturing till of retail/sale to consumers.

  • To enable targeted and speedy product recalls

Despite all care, need for product recall may arise from time-to-time. Speed of recall and ability to accurately identify products to be recalled is critical for limiting financial/legal damages, and retain consumer trust and confidence in your products.

  • To enable counterfeit detection at any point in the supply chain

If unauthorised/counterfeit products get introduced in the supply chain through unscruplous means, traceability would enable its detection leading to detailed investigation.

  • To retain and enhance consumer trust and confidence in your products

Globally, consumer trust in products is low, which is a challenge for building brand loyalty and enhance sales. Traceability enables consumers to get visibility on product source, processing, etc., to inspire greater confidence.

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Why GS1 India's traceability service?

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To gain end-to-end visibility in supply chain


Complying with Regulations


Ensure end-to-end traceability


Better after sales 


Protection from counterfeits


Efficient inventory management and stock visibility

Features of GS1 India's traceability service

  • Enables unique & universal identification of products / consignments using GS1 global standards 

  • Enables vendor/technology agnostic traceability solution across trading partners

  • Enables interoperability across traceability solutions

  • Offered on single robust platform with ease of upload / access of traceability data by trading partners

  • Affordable / does not require investment in expensive / proprietary solution / service

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Organisation Overview

GS1 is a Brussels based global standards organisation, which has operation in 114 countries. It develops traceability solutions in collaboration with industry, which have been implemented by thousands of SMEs and global companies across product categories, enabling compliance with various local and international regulatory requirements. 

GS1 India is a Standards body, set up by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India, along with apex trade bodies, BIS, etc.

Organisations using GS1 India's traceability service



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