Barcodes are symbols that can be scanned electronically using laser or camera systems. They encode unique identity of the objects/products, to which they are affixed. In contrast to manual data entry, which is time-consuming and prone to error, barcodes allow automatic real-time data capture with 100% accuracy, which is further used in supply chain operations, like inwarding or dispatching stocks, and billing.

Advantages of Barcodes:

  • Eliminates the possibility of human error

  • Efficient and accurate data capture

  • Facilitates tracking and tracing of products

Why Apply For GS1 Barcodes

We discussed some of the major advantages which barcode can provide to your business.
Now comes the big question, Where to buy barcodes? If you’re looking to buy barcodes to sell your products through retail chains or online marketplaces, you have reached to the right place. For this, you need 13-digit GS1 GTIN (EAN) number encoded in the barcode of your product. GS1 barcode standards are being used and scanned more than 6 billion times a day – from scanning groceries or ordering items online, to finding and location medical equipment fast enough to save a life. Over 2 million companies globally use GS1 barcodes, making it the de facto standards for the retail industry worldwide which enable you to sell your products through modern retail channels (in-store and online) GS1 Barcode identification key (GTIN/EAN) is generally linked to information about physical objects, which can be used to easily track and trace the product at any point in the supply chain ensuring transparency in the whole process.
If you choose to register for barcode numbers from an authentic source, GS1 India is the only authorized body to sell and issue GS1 barcode numbers starting with ‘890’ barcode in the country. With GS1 Barcodes, you will get multiple benefits in your business.
Here is a list of some of those benefits:


Advantages of using GS1 barcodes


Universal Identification of products

GS1 barcodes provide unambiguous and universal identification of products which helps you to differentiate your products and it's variants from lookalikes and so that you can sell your products seamlessly.


Complying with Regulations

Several international and national regulations endorse the use of GS1 barcodes on products to enable easy track and trace of products and maintain end-to-end visibility.


Free barcode management

With GS1 barcodes, you get free access to basic DataKart service, which allows you to easily assign and manage barcode numbers for products and avoid any kind of barcode number duplication.

With DataKart, you can view all products information, their attributes, images, etc., from a single place, generate barcode images for use on product packaging, check complete product lifecycle and share all the product information with all the associated stakeholders from one single platform.


Enhanced online search results

The key advantage of buying barcodes from GS1 India is that it boosts your product’s online results on Google when used in page code. As Google revealed, 40% improvement in search results is expected when the product's barcode number is used within the product web page. This results in higher online visibility, providing more business to the companies and ultimately helps in gaining more recognition in this competitive market space.


Facilitate inventory management

GS1 barcodes help you facilitate stock management in retail stores as well as DCs / warehouses to ensure faster accessibility of products and manage their freshness.


Sell to leading retailers

Big marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, etc., use GS1 barcodes to manage their vast product catalogues. They also require manufacturers to use unique GS1 barcode numbers on their products, for them to list the products.

GS1 barcode numbers enable marketplaces to list your products / sell your products, and enable your shoppers to easily find, compare and buy products through modern retail channels (online, in-store or both)


Reach Consumers with the Smart Consumer App

With labelling ‘890’ barcodes on your products, you can easily get in touch with your consumers directly through the Smart Consumer app and share relevant, accurate and reliable product information with them. Through this app, consumers can easily verify their product by scanning the authorized barcode and making informed purchasing decisions.

With GS1 Barcode, We help business talk to each other using the global language of business

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Company Overview

GS1 India is a Standards body with founder members comprising Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India, CII, FICCI, ASSOCHAM, FIEO, IMC, APEDA, Spices Board, IIP and BIS. It is affiliated to GS1, Brussels-based standards organization that oversees operations in 114 countries.

Our standards provide a global language of business that enable organizations to identify, capture and share information among trading partners in a uniform, structured, and consistent manner. When you apply for GS1 India barcode, you get global exposure and freedom to sell your products across the world seamlessly. This is why GS1 India is always the first choice for every leading business who has a goal to reach the new heights of success.


GS1 standards deliver benefits to over 25 industries globally


Subscribers Speak


When we uploaded GS1 barcode numbers at Flipkart, we experienced higher product visibility online and improved search results, which both helped in increasing the sales of our products.

Kutti Krishnan Director,
Bumberry Baby Products Private Limited



GS1 barcodes instil consumer confidence in our products and improves our product's look & feeland brand image.

Kajal Anand Managing Director,
Debon Herbals



We initially started using the barcodes for our export packings from 1997 and soon thereafter rolled it out for our packs in domestic market. Today, each of our 1100 SKUs have the GS1 barcode. It has been helpful to us and our trade partners including the modern format retail.

R S Sodhi Managing Director,
Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd., (AMUL)



In businesses like ours where there is so much competition, we get priority to list our products with retail chains because we use GS1 barcodes.

Kishore J Mehta Partner,
Elite Agarbathi Works


Unique GS1 product codes helped in easy listing of our products with various e-commerce websites, including Flipkart, Snapdeal, Voonik, Limeroad, Paytm, etc.

Gireesh Bhat Managing Director,



We use GS1 barcodes to sell through Amazon. This helps us efficiently manage the inventory of our 15+ brands.

Nitin Kapur CEO,
I B A Crafts Pvt. Ltd.